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Chateau de la Noue Testimonials

“My heart lives at La Noue”
– Kay at San Diego

“An experience that will never be forgotten, with a most certain must to return !”
– Norma Gangewer, Arizona

“A house of sighs but also a house of happiness!”
– Rosalie at Paris

“We thoroughly enjoyed our stay. We had fun completing the A. Christie jigsaw puzzle-not too difficult! ”
– Mcafee Family at Aberdeen, Scotland

“Dear Christine, you have a beautiful place. We enjoyed our stay. We would love to come back. Your chateau is so beautiful. C’etait superbe. Le Chateau est tres charmant”
– McLaughlin & Williamson families at Huntington Beach, CA

“Thank you for a wonderful stay. Of all the chateaux in the Loire Valley, La Noue is our daughter’s favorite! “
– Labeau family at Newport Beach, CA

“We would love to own the same at home.Unforgettable vacation.”
– Van Bever at Valenciennes, Fr.

“Very great pleasure to stay in La Noue Castle with Blue Herons. Congratulations on your marvelous project. Noble Domain, finer than a palace, The Chateau de la Noue seats such a jewel in the majesty of mornings and evenings. The forest gives it a courteous setting.”
– Mr & Mrs Allouchery-Naveau at Versailles, Fr.